A Mr. Fitz Graphic Novella: SCHOOL 2031 – The Future of Public Schools? (from 5-25-13)

The series below may be the darkest series I’ve ever done for the strip (aside from A Teacher Gets Depressed, which follows immediately after it). It’s dark, but I think it makes valid points – and sadly none of those points seems any less valid today… (2-19-20)

This February I decided to take my comic strip, Mr. Fitz, in a direction I’d never taken it: Dystopian Science Fiction. Upon hearing that some other education commentators, including Anthony Cody and Steven Krashen, have been writing about the possible future of public education (which is not a pretty picture), I thought this series might make a nice compliment to their pieces.  It leads into another series about teacher depression which I’ll post later with some additional commentary. For now, please share this, especially with parents who don’t know what’s at stake here…