Between Episodes 4 and 6 (from 4-17-2010)

With Senate Bill 6 vetoed and temporarily out of our hair, we have some breathing room – I hope – for discussion. If anyone cares to listen. My next few posts will be about the issues that we should be discussing, and how they actually impact both students and teachers.

I feel as though with this veto passing, we have blown up the first Death Star, but somewhere out near the forest moon of Endor, another one is being constructed. The Empire is going to strike back…

But this is not a war of spaceships, lightsabers, and clone troops. This is a clash of ideas. We need to make sure our ideas are not just seen as defending the “status quo.” We need to bring fresh insights to the table, because if we keep saying the things we’ve been saying, no one will listen.

After all, the Empire of Testing keeps saying the same things over and over, and that’s why we’ve stopped listening ourselves.

So here I go, with my small contribution to the discussion. May the Force be with me.