The Real Mr. Fitz Reboots

It’s been a while!

As some of you are aware, I had a little trouble with my previous web host, and they unceremoniously dumped all my content into their trash bin. I was, obviously, not happy. But I’m back – and better yet, the blog is now linked to my website for one-stop shopping! (Thanks, Tinker Graphics and Design!)

I have recovered probably 80 to 90% of my previous content: either I’d saved it elsewhere or I found it on the “Way Back Machine” internet archive. So, much like the actual comics section of this site, it will be a combination of old and new stuff as I get it reformatted and re-posted here. There’s a lot of old stuff, so I may be a frequent poster.

I am only one small voice, but my hope is that by being one among many, we can add up to one sling-shot-laden kid who can help slay the giant of corporate education reform. And make education better for kids. And help teachers keep their senses of humor.

After all. My name is David.

I’l have a brand new post very, very soon!